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Social Difference Between Men and Women in Exposing Body Parts

girl split legs
Ballet dancer splitting legs.

That's a socially sanctioned way for female to display their crotch. It's done as routine in any sort of performance art by female (dance, gymnastic, figure skating, synchronized swimming, cheer leader, …). Often, the crotch display is prolonged, and as wide as possible.

We watch it, we score it, but we avoid thinking of it as crotch display.

Why don't men expose their crotch much?

so, when is a sexy women considered objectifyng? when girls dreaming of their white knight in shining armor, is it objectifying men? Maybe that's just objectifying money.

United Kingdom slang: “bird” for “chick”

Jacqueline Livingston and American Sexual Taboo

why are single moms protective of her child and step parents are bad? 〈A Real Hero〉— Movie 〈Drive〉 Theme Song 🎶

one woman one pipe one shirt 518aa

One Woman, One Pipe, One Shirt