Feminism Perving 2013-02

what do naked women look like?

the nu project naked woman AtHome015-2B7K1388

i've seen enough pics of naked women. I don't think they look like that.

1868 skirt lengths girl ages Harpers Bazar
“The proper length for little girl's skirts at various ages”, from 〈Harper's Bazar〉, 1868

for a modern version, see Skirt Length and Power Level

there are endless love songs, from all perspectives. Some say, fuck it, some lament the loss, some cry for fairness, some revel the game. Quite conflicting perspectives, all colors.

you see, love is a critical affair of human animals, nay, all animals. It, is the make or break of the survival of the species. Thus, the thousand emotions and conflicting feelings. From suicide to murder, and in between, of course.

Oscar Wilde tomb 77392
Oscar Wilde's tomb.

Oscar Wilde is gay, in both sense of that word. For that, he went to prison for 2 years, and died destitute. See: Oscar Wilde's Tomb and Quips.

Note: this isn't about calling out support for lgbt or injustice of homosexuals. More importantly, it's about support for heterodoxy and against political mainstream. Today, lgbt in USA is a persecuting mainstream. Live and let live.

how boys google vs how girls google
“how boys google vs how girls google”