Feminism Perving 2012-03

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A fascinating film. Tape (film) (2001). Buy at amazon The whole film is a dialog between 2 men and a women, conducted inside a room. The central subject, is something Americans obsess about: rape.

heels feet 980
heels feet 980

updated: Scientists Say High-Heels Good for Your Health

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Google+: There's more to explore

It's all women! What do we men do?

currently watching, the phantasmagorical Twilight Breaking Dawn!

it's amazing. am now 6 min into it, and the content have me riveted. It's PORN for me, just as it's porn for young girls. It gets my blood pressure high. The topic it drills, the way it drill, the sentimentality, the revolvement around sex yet remote, the pleasure yet declination, the sickening remorse, excites me. It excites me because it excites women, as a psycho gets excited when studying his victims.

only 6 minute into it, and i cannot stop but have to write this thought flow. O, the mortification, the pathology that is coined emo.

as Spock would say: fascinating.

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