Feminism Perving 2011-08

220px-Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot (born 1934), then (1968) and now (2002). image source image source On the left, a hot bimbo. On the right, a hag. A hag is when a bimbo got old and refuses it.

李敖: 才女与美女如何兼备; Li Ao: Pretty Women vs Brainy Women (Chinese language)

2 barbies 1 cupcake
“2 Barbies 1 Cupcake” (source unknown)

A parody of Internet: 2 Girls 1 Cup (perverse humor).

“The Internet is for Porn” starrying a cute girl.

Internet is For Porn; What Girls Do On The Internet?

A article i read in 2005. The URL is dead. Am re-surrecting it with a mirror: Infibulation Explained.

disney princess mentality
Disney Princesses mentality. Source unkonwn.

Feminism, Reality, and Disney Princesses

“Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question”

Humor Video: Miss Teen USA and World Maps

Stephanie eye-liner mascara
“Stephanie” (Photo by Lisa Bettany)

Male vs Female: No Makeup Day

What Would You Do If You Can Become a Man or Woman For a Day?

Playboy cover shoot of Rachelle Leah (born 1984).

Why Playboy Centerfold Photography Are So Ugly?

sl dolcett 002-s
Second Life Dolcett Role-playing.

Second Life Dolcett