Typographical Errors in Industrial Society and its Future

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

The following is a list of typographical errors I (Xah Lee) found while reading the Unabomber Manifesto. All these errors i've corrected in the text.

¶27: Parenthesis is used to mark footnote 3 and 4, while square brackets are used elsewhere.

¶28: Mismatched parenthesis.

¶73: Footnote 14 is referred to by paragraphs 73 and 114. However, the footnote only referenced back to 73.

¶82: Mismatched parenthesis.

¶84: Middle, the “attack” is probably a typo and should be “attach”, in: «Some people are more “other-directed” than others, and therefore will more readily attack importance to a surrogate activity simply because the people around them treat it as important or because society tells them it is important.».

¶95: “out” → “our” in: «far more personal freedom than out society does».

¶141, “limite” → “limit” in: «As we noted in paragraph, reformers seeking to limite certain aspects of technology would be working to avoid a negative outcome.».

¶142: “restrainde” → “restrained” in: «Reform is always restrainde by the fear of painful consequences if changes go too far.».

¶143: “of” → “for” in: «Since the beginning of civilization, organized societies have had to put pressures on human beings of the sake of the functioning of the social organism.».

• Footnote 24 referenced back to ¶139, but ¶139 missed in showing that it has a footnote.

¶143: “rong” → “wrong” in: «When the limit of human endurance has been passed, things start going rong: ».

¶145: “amke” → “make” in: «Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that amke them terribley unhappy».

¶145: “fo” → “of” in: «We believe that this is due to disruption fo the power process».

¶145: “area” → “are” in: «In effect, antidepressants area a means of modifying an individual's internal state».

¶145: “toelrate” → “tolerate” in: «in such a way as to enable him to toelrate social conditions».

¶148: “that” → “than” in: «Other techniques strike deeper that the foregoing.».

¶151: “itw” → “it's” in: «If the systems succeeds in imposing sufficient control over human behavior to assure itw own survival, a new watershed in human history will have passed.».

¶157: “that” → “than” in: «but if there is one it clearly is less powerful that the biological mechanisms of human behavior».

¶169: “abut” → “about” in: «Would you like to speculate abut what Iraq or North Korea will do with genetic engineering».

¶175: “m ore” → “more” in: «They will need more and m ore training».

¶175: The “I” probably should be “it” in: «The system will have to use any means that I can».

¶175: “an” → “and” in: «We can imagine a future society in which there is endless competition for positions of prestige an power».

¶176: Superfluous comma in: «(drugs, , crime, “cults,” hate groups)».

¶177: Several typos in: «They only indicate the kinds of outcomes that seem to us mots likely. But wee can envision no plausible scenarios that are any more palatable that the ones we've just described».

¶177: “that” → “than” in: «‘they will be more “socialized” that ever and their physical and mental qualities’».

¶178: “is” → “does” in: «If man is not adjust to this new environment by being artificially re-engineered».

¶194: Extraneous space in: «the “green” party would be voted out of of fice».

¶196: The last part of paragraph 196 is repeated, starting with «the long run they may perhaps be advantageous because they foster economic …».

¶219: “alco hot” → “alcohol” in: «and after that it will be alco hot then junk food».

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