Foundtain Pen, Rollerball, Gel Pen, Ballpoint Pen

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Why I have written with a fountain pen since the start of my legal studies
Terry Gorry Solicitor
Feb 4, 2023

disposable foundtain pen

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Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen, recommended to me.
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Gel Pen

gel pen uses a water-based gel ink.

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Rollerball pen

Rollerball pen uses water-based liquid ink. (ballpoint pen uses oil-based viscous inks.)

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pens scribble 20230206 B2sGt-s1300
pens scribbles 20230206. top to bottom: ballpoint, rollerball, gel. Huion H640P Drawing Tablet

2023-02-06, thanks to digitalmoonlight:

What about the ink washes away?

Rollerball is most smooth. Gel pen second. Ballpoint pen worst.

However, rollerball uses water-based ink, so it often smudges, or if you write down something important and it got exposed to rain, it washes out. Or, if you spilled drinks on it.

turns out, Uniball Vision brand, uses more permanent ink.

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