April 26, 2006

“I am really pissed off”

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Trust me dear buddys..

I am infact not against any hosting service personally. Only once in life I felt like fucked off and I was real helpless… only thing I can do is warn you. It is up to you to choose your host. but I learned the worst way.

My project on a imagehosting site always need a server with good server space with some TB of bandwidth.. and infact I got to say i got sold with their ads on such a reduced amount. But as like always I checked for the review of users to find many good and much many bad reviews on the same. Infact I got to say I visited this site too which had some warning from previous customers. But the ad had already taken me and I though i would give it a try!!

Since I am running a security related site; I registered the site in that name and thought of hosting new project along with the same server space I can get as said in free multiple hosting that is permited with each and every site.

My credit card info was granted at first and since I had a discount coupon; I had applied for the same. But the status always showed account not activated even after the payment. I wait for couple of days before I sent them my first mail. They replied with a message to forward a fax to them copying the credit card along with a letter authorizing them to get the money.

But again they said the info is not enough and asked for second fax with the signature of the card holder (I used the card of my friend) and I had mentioned this in my first mail. But even after the second fax (International) the status looked te same. An enquiry to cc office confirmed the payment has been issued. I couldnt understand what was going on. I was still on deadline for my project to get hosted and I couldnt waste more time due to sponosrs agreement.

After that a response came after some 48 hrs that my account cannot be activated due to illegal content. I couldnt make out their excuse ‘coz the same security site is under the sponsorship of google ads (adsense) and they do have a strict policy than this s*****. I wrote back with the details also mentioned the guy to check the messages included “not to submit illegal queries” in each and every page of the site. The reply was “in the guest book some one have asked about hacking”. Still I wrote back with the reply that i had already given from my side “sorry for incon and you will be banned if you continue with the query”. .. I still couldnt understand what is makin them lag. The answer was “htis is not the right way to answer a query on hacking” and that he should be banned without any warning. I couldnt understand this and I asked them for a refund.

It took another 2 weeks to get the 2 year refund back with a $10 deduction. They say I have used some space and bandwidth in the mean time when I have not even got the account enabled. Might be they are talking about the trouble tickets I issued on getting the account activated. But since I am international user I dont think it is worth going behind justice for $10 and the time I need to spend for all the mess.

It is not the money or time. But the way they responed was like to a 3rd rate customer holding some illegal site when the sponsors of the same site is google adsense and yahoo!!

I still cant trace out a reason. But I guess my words on first page of my site “we are unable to handle the high amount of bandwidth and moving to a host with more than 750GB data transfer” might have got them. But then why do they advertise 1TB?? when they cant handle the same.

.. The worst experience is to get critized and to be mentioned as a 3rd class admin when holding a good site with more than 2.5 Lacs of page views and good sponsor for a silly meaningless reason.

.. I wish they could have mailed in better manners. but time is still there.. One day it gonna be my turn. I am really pissed off.. Buddys; Let me warn you once again. It is up to you to decide.. but all these reviews cant go wrong when once I thought it was..!!


February 18, 2006

Threats and accusations from DreamHost

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I always knew that DreamHost had serious problems, this proved it to me. I was accused of visiting DreamHost’s blogs and using curse words. First off, I’ve never even read DreamHost’s blogs let alone wrote comments, here’s the e-mail conversation I had with the bizarre support staff… (the indented part is from DH, the rest is from me)

Hello Phillip,
Don’t post comments on our blogs with curse-words. It’s bad form and doesn’t make us want to help you any more.

Thanks! Nate

> What are you talking about!? I’ve never even read your blogs, let alone > commented on them. Send me the link to where you claim I said *anything* on > your blogs. > > Sounds to me that I’m not the only unhappy customer with Dreamhost. > > But please - I am awaiting the link

The comments have been deleted. If you didn’t write the comments don’t worry about it.
Thanks! Terri

> You falsely accuse me of spamming your blogs with curse words and threaten to > cut off support saying “it doesn’t make us want to help you anymore”, then > you > tell me “don’t worry about” ?!?! You people have some serious issues. I want > an apology from the support team.

We’re not apologizing for protecting our systems and our blog visitors.
The post was stamped with your IP address and it had a link to your website. If, by some chance, it was someone who dislikes you and spoofed your IP address and linked to your website, then you have nothing to worry about. We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt because we’d rather have a great relationship with our customers.
However, if you continue to harrass us, we do reserve the right to terminate your account. We’re willing to let the issue drop. Please do the same.
Thanks! Terri

February 17, 2006

DreamHost can’t handle phpBB

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I administer a phpBB web forum.  It’s rather popular, but nothing special.  I receive daily e-mails from DreamHost threatening my account status because my bulletin board uses too much system resources.  Pathetic.  DreamHost obviously puts too many accounts on one server.

- B.N.

February 16, 2006

My terrible DreamHost experience

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Like many of you, I was sucked into DreamHost’s service with their promise of high bandwidth and high disk space. At first I thought it was “too good to be true”, and it turns out it was…

All I do with my DreamHost account is run two simple WordPress blogs and a couple other static sites that get virtually no traffic. Soon after my 97-day guarantee expired, I began receiving threatening e-mails from DreamHost claiming that I was using more than my share of CPU resources. These threatening e-mails came daily. I asked them for some sort of statistics, graphs, charts, whatever - they gave me nothing. I asked for some more details so I could fix the problem, they gave me nothing. I had no idea if it was PHP or MySQL or ?? that was causing the problem.

Of course, each e-mail from them would take days to arrive. There must not be any weekend support at Dreamhost, anything sent on Friday isn’t answered till Monday. All I wanted was a little support from the support team but they just continued to threaten me with disabling my account. I wanted to call them but they have no support number, only e-mail.

This went on for a couple months. Finally without any warning, without any e-mail, they disabled my account. They shut off everything, FTP, SSH, e-mail, database - They basically held my data hostage….without sending me an e-mail!! This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I took my business elsewhere. I asked for a full or partial refund (I only used half of my year contract) but got denied.

I moved to a different company and couldn’t be happy. I can call them at 3 in the morning on Sunday and will get a friendly supprt person on the phone immediately. It’s amazing. I didn’t realize how awful DreamHost’s service was until I left. I should have done this months ago.

- Phil S.