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Advertise on XahLee.org

By advertising on my personal site XahLee.org directly, I guarantee you a effectivess/cost rate 30% lower than advertising on big name sites such as Google.


Site-Wide Ads

I give you a eCPM rate of $0.2.

You can choose a size for your banner ads or plain text ads.

Text Links

For Text Link, it must be interesting for my site's readers. Let me know the URL and i can find a proper page for you with rates.

Rate depends on my page's rank. (anywhere from $10 to $40 per link per month) I do not accept link to malware sites. Please contact me for a quote. (xah@xahlee.org)

Programing Job Boards

XahLee.org site's content and readers are in the following areas:

ContentPrimary Visitor

College Level Math

Students and educators. High school and college.

Computer Programing

day-to-day programers; computing industry.

Other. (social commentary, travelog, English literature, photo galleries, politics)

General web surfer.

If you want your ad to appear only in a particular sector, please let me know. The prices will be based on traffic.

Computer programer job ads welcome, on a per week basis.

Payment Methods

All prices in US dollars.

US check and money order also accepted. Please email me for postal address.

Contact me at xah@xahlee.org.