xah privacy writing rhapsody 2013-03-10

By Xah Lee. Date:

sometimes, i have second thoughts about what i put down on social public pads. u see? normally, i'm quite open. I put anything down, without concern. When in comparison to other people, i think in this respect am quite extreme, even. God, one can't believe the things i put down. From sometimes personal detail that gets the American expression “too much info” to things like my hatred that gets me labeled as racist or hate monger or misogynist or such. (btw, the concept of misogyny is quite something, i think have deep history, but unfortunately, by the idiotic Americans today's social climate aka zeitgeist thingy, it's just means so-called hate-crime against women. Bah humbug american gung-ho eager-helping-africa misery-brewing ignoramuses)

so i was saying, sometimes i wonder or am concerned about what i put down. By my fingers on the keyboard. (you see, we used to use pen, but now keyboard. Yay for keyboard, and emacs, and layout, and Dvorak layout, n ergoemacs!)

but yeah, i usually don't care much what i put down. As my personal details, meh, i don't really care if i disclosed too much. I often imagine, you know, like today's tech allows, that my life be recorded as a video tape, any minute of my life, and open to public. (actually i probably don't want that, but am probably far, far, far, more open than most people) Now, about life, like jobs, family, friendship, finance, i don't care much about my privacy on these much neither. Maybe probably because i lead a ascetic, hermit, monk-like life. If i have a family, or lead a more normal life, maybe i'll feel different about this. On the back of my mind, i also feel my open-book life is asset for me to brandish my impeccable ethical qualities. Y'know, on the other extreme, are politicians and other leaders (religious), where, they carry one big facade. Behind closed doors, O, fuck, prostitutes, bribery, pedobear, selfishness, greediness, all fly. As countless have been exposed, as we know. And, among the programers in programer community, those FSF fanatics, open sourcers, i despise them. Fake fcks. and especially these mit hacker types, always are concerned about privacy, don't use real names, so on, and online, they ban you, calling you a troll, wearing superior ethical masks, and purport to be high beings on justice. Fk those mfks.

but anyway, yeah sometimes i wonder if i put down in public too much. On Google Plus, i have now some 1k+ followers. Most i dunno. No idea. And even some are programing or emacs acquaintances, and some are my supporters, e.g. bought my emacs tutorial or donated money. So, sometimes i wonder, and this probably have happened, that many originally admired me, or might be friends, but then bumped into some of my non-tech writings, then, it's like, better quietly disconnect.

and of course, there's tons of stuff i write on my website, with rubric the likes of Women, WASP, and the Human Animals.

but there are so many interesting aspects about this, from so many aspects. About honesty, integrity, about sociology, about the impact of blog,… the latter have already been widely discussed.

am not a celebrity, but because i've been writing a lot for over ten years, so i have some exposure on the net, among programers. Most often, people know me, but i know nothing about them. They could know a lot about me, because i write none-stop, and most of it is actually well-organized on my site. But, compared to some other programer celebrity or well-know figure in blog sphere or social network of many fields, i'm lackluster in comparison. e.g. some have hundreds of thousands of followers. Yeah, but then again it's different, because in almost all their case, they don't randomly blog about their private life, and is careful not to say things they shouldn't, such as porn, politics, religion, etc. Me, on the other hand, pump all the fsck out, anytime i feel like it. eg now. So, yeah, i think that's one major difference.

this is quite interesting. For example, let's take another spin. You know sites like 4chan? there are so many things going on. Notice their style, writing style, and all styles. and there's reddit. You know, and lots of them are anonymous. Now that's interesting. Because, i'm a human animal made of meat, and they are a human animal made of meat. You might put a distance after you see some of my writings, but you revel in 4chan stuff that's, uhmm, maybe far worse? so there's this paradoxy thing going on. Which is which?

ok, one aspect to this interesting issue is the normal take: privacy and anonymity. The normal stance has been discussed to death. if u online much, you probably hear or know this well, posts like it appear everyday in every way. Human rights, privacy, protect children, protect women, Google Plus nym war, etc. Actually i despise them. D E S P I S E. despise. DESPISE. the ftard idiots on privacy n sht. ok i digress much, and began to turn this into another american bleedinghearts hate-mongering. Meh. Don't feel like talking bout that.

ok, back. was thinking about worrying about what i put down online. Actually, there are other people like that, like me. I mean, rare in society, but if you count numbers, are actually high too. In this respect, it's not unlike those who are into hard-core body modification that sometimes you see on the net. As a whole, they are very rare in society, but if you count numbers, there are more than quite few. (i won't go into detail on what they do to their body, but if you hangout on the web and read lots random things, you know what am talking about)

so, what i was saying was that, the way i disclose stuff… etc, is rare but there are quite a lot people who do it too. In other words, there are some 7G people on earth, you'll find all diverse ways, and the internet opened our eyes so that you actually see them. all the different WTF.

the other thing i sometimes thinking is that, is my openish behavior kinda like a saint? like, does Lao Tsi do that? maybe Ghandi does? ha, lol, no i'm not high like them. But it's true, that some saints do this, am sure.

although am a bit weirdo, but you see? am quite intelligent and have a functional brain. So, on many issues, i think a lot. A LOT. For example, on this issue about me writing too much, i have thought about it now and then. On any issue or question in life, you can actually think about it, and keep thinking about it, for as long as you want, maybe to solve it, or see the light. So, i've thought about this. There can be many approaches, aspects, and also depends on if i have a particular goal or concern. For example: i can research and find historical figures and see who are like this, to what degree, what they did, what's the reactions, was it good or bad? or i can do similar and try to find others currently living who are like this. You see, when you start to think about a issue, one thing often happens is that you started to need a definition, a more precise description of question or goal. and and and …

lol, dunno where am going again. but o well, writing! yeah. maybe not writing, but typing a lot i sure did! think am going back to linux iptables.

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