Xah Lee Goal 2020

By Xah Lee. Date:

i am 48. i don't have much coming years. As a human animal, that's basically near the end of line.

y'know, naturally, in yonder days, a man at 25, is at his prime, because people die around 40, or 50 if you are lucky. Today, a man lives up to 70 or so. In terms of production, a man is really productive to up perhaps 50, and 60 is pushing.

i note that Yitang Zhang at 58 created a math theorem. [see Twin Prime Conjecture Breakthru: Yitang Zhang] That's really comforting to know.

i regret, as a manner of speaking, that i haven't done much in my life. As in, i wanted to be the greatest, a millionair, one of the greatest mathematician, and, have lots of girls.

but i end up, being a homeless, begging for money for food.

so anyway, i was thinking, what i want to do in the next 10 years. Or, perhaps, set it to 2020, which is next 4 years.

i was thinking, actually, i still can do quite a lot things. Perhaps not something that makes some impact to humanity, such as a theom of math, nor a huge company, etc. But, still, i think i can do something for myself. Such as, actually, become rather wealthy (say, 100k salary a year.)

what i want to do, my goals. Goal for 2020. That's 4 years from today.

anyway, here's the list.