English Writing Style Meaning Juxtaposition

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ok, it's near my sleep time, n my mind is going a bit wild, so a bit more posts, and so i thought i'll let my fingers run my thought flow, a kinda thought flow, like day-dreaming, but not exactly day-dreaming, as that word connotes fantasy, but this ain't no fantasy, as it is rather a stately flow, about english, style, and the writing style.

y'see, if you know chinese, and have a hanker in linguistics, then u know that chinese is kinda poetic in its construction. That is, meanings are formed by adjacency of words or phrases, and that's just how chinese is. For a example, say the english double negatives. For example: i ain't no gonna do that. You see, double negative works by simply putting adjacent words close to the intention, and fuck grammar. So, when you see so many no's, you know the intention is no, grammar be screwed. Ok, but there are better examples. Let's see if i can think of one… humm… well i can't think of one in 10 seconds, and in thought flow writing situations, when you can't come up with something in few secs, better stop and keep writing, cuz actually stop to think about something logically will fuckup your writing. So, but you know what i mean. In fact, this paragraph probably already contain many example of meaning-by-juxtaposition-of-similar-meaning-words for the semantics. See?

ok, i need to keep typing continuously. But you can probably come up with many proper examples of what i mean. It's probably a ton a dozen in rap lyrics, black community slangs, so-they-called Black English, or aka, African American English or such stilted terminology. Ah, like a boss! maybe that's a example. Ok, no you! that's maybe a example. Or, no can do. That makes one example, maybe (call me (or, call me maybe)). lol. i dunno what am talking about now. But back to my topic. My subject.

Ok, i was saying, about Chinese construction of construct sentences by putting wanted words/phrase together, then bang, it's a chinese grammatically valid sentence.

so, i was thinking, we (namely, i), should do similar (but actually you too!). There are no few criticisms of MY english. O, but fuck them. (my true tail shows here, true color) I am indignant. Defiant. Something of a square rock in a round hole. (yeah, btw, i regularly receive kind remarks about my english. To begin with, correction about 2 m's in programer, and then a vs an, then i vs I, then others, but basically those read more of me gave up, i know, for, they know am incorrigible n they don't bother. Or, they knew i have a beef or two with english.) Now onto english, it's styles, and … wait, i digressed. So back to the similar phrase for meaning thing.

(in case you are a-wondering, no, am not on drugs or drunk, but just slightly intoxicated by my own beauty, however YOU might perceive of it.)

now, yeah, about my topic of juxtaposition of words… just WHAT was i trying to say? So, ok, am thinking, maybe we can establish this as a style. actually, i wouldn't be surprised that this is already a style among those who study english writing stylism. (did i just coined the word stylism? (note to self, research on this tomorrow))

ok, back to topic. About establish a style of writing, where, meanings are mainly constructed by placing words of intention together. Let's give a example. Let's say, i want to say how tired i am. Then, just i tired. I weary, sit down desired, and sleep. Yeah, that makes one example. One example constructed, previously, by the unit of a sentence. I have previously constructed a sentence of such a example. Now, now, (btw, now has quite interesting a meaning multiple in english, among which, i'm hitting is a meaning of a pause, wait, or even change of topic, you know? If not, then try this: “the word “now” has many meanings; one of them quite interesting is meaning “wait”, or as a indicator of change of topic.”) One might think that “now” relates to time, as currency. True. That is it's perhaps most popular meaning.

ok, been typing non-stop. Perhaps i should give a proper title to this type-flow. In my mind is the word rhapsody. That word, is what i want to put into the title. So, “A rhapsody on meaning words adjacency for expression”. Humm… maybe needs no rephrase to better hitting the point.

ok, but, now been typing this for how long? maybe 10 minutes? or 20 already? need to actually grab the text, goto emacs, then count words, then i can estimate how long i've been typing this. But anyway, am thinking, in this type-flow situation, there's the question of when to stop. Because, when you type thought flow, and when the thoughts isn't particular on topic premeditated or bounded, there is no definition for the end. So, it could potentially go on forever, without period. As i said, because, period is not to be found. So, there's the question when to stop, and the usual stop points, such as coming to a conclusion of parts, isn't around. But i think i did try to do a bit of expression by words of meaning in neighborhood in a sentence. But when to stop? Stop, when one feel there's a proper point to. And in our case, that's when i feel i have expressed my thoughts. Right. That's right! Beautiful. So, i think i should stop now, because i think i have tried to express what i tried to express, or, reached to a point that i felt i have expressed enough. About whether my expression is successful, that is to question. But as a writer, you see? one can't feel his success by himself. It must be felt, by the reactions. But, looks like i'm digressing into a different topic, about writer reader relations, or about the judgement of success, but no, that's not my topic, not at this moment anyway. But yeah, that's a bit digression just because i've used the word success. Btw, success is the bane of my life. Rather, the concern about success is the bane of my life.

ok, secretly, let me let out a male secret. You know? in bed? men fear. Because man has the burden of success. True. Because, there's the question of getting up. You have to worry about that, even young healthy men. Unlike that of women, who, can just lay there and commit connection, men can't. You need to be hard first. So, that's why, some women say, that women have the power in bed! (how i love Camille Paglia. I would kiss her feet. And legs, and thigh, and the pleasant fountain yonder. (
Xah's Edu Corner Insert:

“Fondling,” she saith, “since I have hemm'd thee here
Within the circuit of this ivory pale,
Ill be a park, and thou shalt be my deer;
Feed where thou wilt, on mountain or in dale:
Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry,
Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie.”

— Shakespeare

wait, where am i going? have i reached my climax yet? I've wandered enough. Ok, stop at the pleasant fountain.

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