XahLee.org Web Traffic Report 2008

This page gives a glimpse of web traffic on Xahlee.org, for a month period during Jan-Feb 2008.

google analytic xahlee.org
A visual report from Google Analytics.

From Jan 10 to Feb 9, there are:

Visitor's Machine State

Operating System Distribution

OS distribution
OS distribution.

Browser Distribution

browser distribution
Browsers distribution. Internet Explorer is 54%, Firefox 35%, Safari 6%, Opera %2. Of IE, version 7 is at 61%, and version 6 at 39%.

Color depth support:

32 bit    85%
24-bit     9%
16-bit     6%

Screen resolution:

1024x768   37.94%
1280x800   15.81%
1280x1024  15.66%
1440x900    6.69%
1680x1050   4.97%
800x600     4.81%
1152x864    3.06%
1920x1200   1.79%

Flash support: about 5% has Flash version 8 or below. All the rest has Flash 9. (My website doesn't use Flash)

Java support: 98% has Java installed.

network location distribution
Network location distribution, showing the big internet service providers. The gray are all others.
connection speed stat
Connection speed. About 26% are unknown, others are all Cable/DSL or better.


traffic sources
Traffic source distribution. This is interesting because in the past few years, the top traffic source are from search engines. But now, the top is direct traffic. Also, my referring sites is now 18%, and last year was 13%.
Top 10 keywords used in search engines to arrive on my site.
alexa reach
Report from http://alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/xahlee.org, indicating the “reach”, roughly what percentage of online population reads my site. XahLee.org is ranked 80,060. This is increase from last year's 93,007.