XahLee.org Web Traffic Report 2007

This page gives a glimpse of web traffic on Xahlee.org in 2007.

A visual report from Google Analytics.

From April 23 to May 23, there are:

Visitor Browsers stat.
Traffic sources pie chart. From this we see, most traffic are from search engines. This is so for most websites.
Traffic source breakdown. From this we see, that visits from search engine are most likely to leave. Visits from direct links, wikipedia, and stumbleupon, are more likely to view more pages on my site or stay longer.
Top 10 keywords used in search engines to arrived on my site.
A graph from http://www.alexa.com/data/details/main?q=xahlee.org&url=xahlee.org/, for the past 6 months, showing the “reach” of xahlee.org as a percentage of all internet visitors. XahLee.org is ranked 93,007th by them as of 2007-05-24.

A Glimpse of Links to XahLee.org

This file 200703_blog_links_to_xahlee.txt gives a glimps of links to xahlee.org from some popular blog sites, for a week period in 2007-03.

This file 200703_wikipedia_links_to_xahlee.txt gives a glimps of links to xahlee.org from wikipedia, for a week period in 2007-03.