Notes on 3D-XplorMath Conference 2006 at UCI

By Xah Lee. Date:

On 2006-07, i got invited by Richard Palais to attend the 3DXM Conference, at University of California, Irvine.

See our project here:

More photos, in QuickTime slides format: 3dxm 2006 conference movie

Our group: 3dxm consortium

On 2006-07-17, of my return from [ UCI ] [ ] to [ Mountain View ] [ ] , i was thinking of visiting [ Getty Center ] [ ] and [ Hearst castle ] [ ] . I did actually visit the latter. I arrived around 5 pm. The only way to visit the castle is by guided tours they offer. The tick costs something like $20, and i was too late for that day's tour.

i also visited [ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ] [ ] but i arrived there around 9 pm, dark. The first time and last time i was there was about 1990.

David Eck demonstrated XSLT of the [ Extensible Stylesheet Language ] [ ] during the July 2006 3DXM conference.

David Eck also told me about: [ The Language Instinct ] [ ]

Dick Palais took us to the [ Crystal Cove State Park ] [ ]. And i've been wondering, how is that some coasts are beachs and some not? i.e. how did beach form? [ Beach ] [ ]

At the Crystal Cove beach, i saw [ Sea anemone ] [ ] and [ Barnacle ] [ ] for the first time. Quite a experience. One can stick fingers in the sea anemone and it kinda wraps you in and is it feels sucky. I also saw [ Mussel ] [ ] in its natural state.

I've read how barnacles attach to ships but never actually imagined what it's like. Now i know. [ Biofouling ] [ ]

Dick took us to this Japanese restauraunt near the Ayres hotel, and the last dish is [ Sea urchin ] [ ]. So, what's the diff between a urchin and anemone?

Hermann Karcher taught me what is: [ Elliptic functions ] [ ] Quite amazing! The following are mentioned, some i know to various degree. [ Gauss map ] [ ], [ Gauss-Bonnet theorem ] [ ], [ Analytic continuation ] [ ]

It is great to have met Markus Schmies . He showed us jReality and jtem and the visual programing system for Java: Oorange a powerful tool but in limbo.

Great to have seen Martin Guest ( again. And it is wonderful to have met Hermann's wife Traudel (Chuu-Lian gave us exuberant dinners, and it is nice to have meet Takashi Sakai )

While working with Dick on registrating a domain, i learned a CNAME record in [ DNS ] [ ]

On the trip, total milage driven for the trip is: 1164.9 (miles). The milage from Mountain View to UCI is 460. The milage for driving around in UCI is 233.6 The milage for return trip is: 471.3

Return trip:

Our hotel Ayres Suites is located in Irvin. [Ayres Suite][ ] It is about 1 hour drive south of Los Angeles. This is the starting point of my return trip.

Southen California map
Southen California map.

The planned route is to take hw405 all the way to Los Angeles, then take hw101 all the way to [ San Luis Obispo ] [ ] , then take hw1 (which is along the coast) all the way to [ Santa Cruz ] [ ] , and from there take hw17 and others back to [ Mountain View ] [ ] .

I took hw1 too early, and went into the city [ Lompoc ] [ ] [Lompoc][ ] and had my lunch with coffee and cake at a StarBucks there.

Filled gas for $30 at 924 YK Market, 751 Guadalupe, [ Guadalupe ] [ ], CA. [Guadalupe, CA, USA][ ]

One photo location is: 35.433350,-120.886133. This is just some random beach right off highway 1, and i got off my car and took some photos. From the map, the name of this beach would be part of Morro Strand state beach. [Morro Strand State Beach][ ]

Another random photo i took is at: 36.352383,-121.899500. [Somewhere on Highway 1][ ] This is also off highway 1, heading towards [ Monterey ] [ ] .

Filled gas for $20 at Unocal on Steves Union 76, 1500 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA. [Gas Station at Santa Cruz][ ]