Jinni: I WANT!

By Xah Lee. Date:

Jinni, please grant me all powerful knowledge!

Wait, no, i won't ask for much. All i want is, a BS degree equivalent knowledge each of:

Chemistry, biology, microbiology, human physiology.

And, while you are at it, please grant me 2-years study equivalent worth knowledge each of: abstract algebra, differential geometry, topology, number theory, graph theory, combinatorics, representation theory (i.e. concrete group theory), game theory, probability theory, algebraic geometry, projective geometry.

Jinn, grant me!

And, it is also desirable, to know perhaps a BS degree equivalent of: economics, law.

Dear Jinni, in my life i've been a avid encyclopedia reader. I read Britannica and American Grolier's Encyclopedia about daily in the early 1990s. Then since early 2000 i've been spending several hours reading wikipedia daily.

Jinni, but i know so little, so insignificant. That for each page i have read, there are goddamn one hundred million pages i haven't read and increasing. So, if your power is sufficient, please grant me, if it is trivial, to have like had read all contents of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Jinni, i do realize, having read is not necessary equivalent to have understood. I could have, say, read all about math that appears in Britannica, say, taking a month or two. But i probably wouldn't, really understand them. Even if i understand them all after careful reading, the understanding isn't equivalent to even a student in a particular field.

For example, say, the topics of projective geometry. I could, read all Britannica has to say about it. And, i probably would understand it. However, this is far trivial than, someone who dedicated 2 years on the subject.

Yeah, so, grant me the knowledge i asked. And, grant me having had the experience of carefully read the entirety of Britannica.

Thank you.