Periodic Dosage 2017-11

led light bulb gu24 socket
LED light bulb for gu24 socket

California law requires all buildings to use this socket.

this gu24 socket seems disappointing. As it is merely a change of shape of connector from screw-in. No builtin transformer etc stuff.

thinking about it, Edison Screw light bulb electric connector really is the MOST IDIOTIC design. Even in 1890.

net neutrality, how to determine if its good or bad?

the thing about “net neutrality” is, like, freedom, sure, who could possibly be against it? but, 90% of those online mouthers are like, never understand the diff of donkey from ass. i don't wanna mainstream shit, i dunno wanna pay more. but i dunno about “net neutrality”.

one way, to dive into “net neutrality”, is to ignore all mouthings, but look at who's for/against. Assume pure egoism vantage, then look at their background, track record, history, their character, person or corp.

“net neutrality”. first, if it's a programer, you can ignore all his shit. If sjw, who's into equality and helping stuff, ignore it. Politican, ignore. Activist, policy maker, journalist, ignore. From hackernews and slashdot? ignore.

rather, pay attention to obscure economists, historians, or other, scholars who are not busy telling you what to do.

Bob Dylan in 1964 calling Time Magazine and Newsweek fake news

Bob Dylan in 1964 calling Time Magazine and Newsweek fake news. The dynamics remain the same. Large institutions cannot tell the truth about the establishments they are socially, logistically and financially integrated with.

video at

i read Time Mag cover to cover, every week, for about 2 years ~1993, and much of 1990s. i didn't realize i was being brainwashed into urban yuppies think. Was so ready, to become an academic elite. like many of today's professors are.

it's true, that big publications don't tell the truth. Perhaps only 98%. What's more sinister is that they direct your thought, your perspectives, and things they chose to cover.

but what's alternative?

before industrial revolution, your info is limited to your region. Which, is basically all you need to know. Outside your locality, it doesn't really concern you, and nobody can do anything about it.

with info age, you could know lots things. The organized publication, tv, radio, newspaper, feed you in a convenient manner. Meanwhile, narrow down your vision and perspective. You are a cookie in a cookie shaping assembly line.

Today, you can step outside if you want to. By following non-big sources (so-called independent journalism), direct sources (such as people involved, around the world). But, it doesn't come in lunchboxes and bottles. You need to actively look for them.

twitter censors f*ck too

note about twitter censorship. If you type four letter words with stars in them as euphemism, it'd still be censored. this is nth level sinisterness.

YouTube autocompletion, “how to have”

i didn't believe, and tried it. Indeed.

youtube sex with kids 58118
YouTube autocompletion, 2017-11-26, “how to have”


Note: this may be a YouTube bomb. That is , a group of people intentionally search that phrase to make it appear in suggestion.

elsagate youtube b842d
elsagate youtube

thanksgiving side dish in usa

miley cyrus youtube censored 2017 11 23
miley cyrus youtube censored. 2017-11-23

youtube is saying, it's a mistake and they are trying to fix it. lol.

this just means, they are fucking around with selective censorship.

Google collects Android users' locations even when location services are disabled

[Google collects Android users' locations even when location services are disabled By Keith Collins. At ]

just how evil can the do no evil company can get?

[The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion 2013 by Jonathan Haidt amazon]

spam, ad blockers, and open source

we get malicious ad condition that's a vicious loop, exactly because people don't want to pay. So, we have escalation between spam vs anti-spam tech. Like email spam and web spam in general, after 20 years, the spam wins. the web degenerates. The rise of sjw.

part of the open source fsf and linux fanatics are to blame.

your total deny of blame of open source and fsf fanatics is a problem too, not fair.

yes, pop up happened around 2000. But by then, open source, lead by mozilla, microsoft browser, apache, linux, perl, is blazing in the sky shouting Open Source, and everything must be free.

back at that time, it is actually the highest point of open source as communism. Where, each of these app, usually has a button for user to click to report bug.

and if u complain and didn't report the bug, people actively blame you.

And, in 2000s, time also changed, as usual. The nature of Open source fsf drifted among other things, just as web. Open source and fsf are fighting fiercely , and fsf lost.

it's also during this time, the nature of “communism” of open source fsf changed, from, a moral quality, to, the sjw type of quality. Then, it became “code of conduct”, and anti-white, anti hacker, stuff...

i digress. but your reply, basically ignored these factors, cites a few facts, to support the open source fsf ideology.

and also, due to the open source becoming the norm in industry, companies can't do nothing, but moving towards the cloud. They can sing the songs of open source for the good of humanity, meanwhile, the are now a “service” provider instead of software maker, in the cloud, so they can make money, with bonus of max control your data.

That's what happened. So now, everything is cloud. Sure, cloud may happen eventually anyway as tech advance to a global net and pocket phone computers, but open source fsf mantra catapulted it.

all these is fine, except the open source fanatics actively blatantly DENY any of these.

the more open source etc chant and spam block etc tools, the more vicious the ad spam we get. (not just ad, but all sorts, such as now the entire news sites are copy and paste and click bait. This is about 10 years old.)

and corps, such as google, apple, are in it, for the money. Their behavior and stance and mouths vary, but ultimately serves one goal: to maximize squeezing money. 2 hours ago

anyone remember the x10 popup ads in 2000?

also, the open source fuckheads, by day, they sing the songs of humanity, by night, on hackernews, they are deep into how to make big money, how to run cloud to thwart the pesky open source, how to create a gaming system to suck your users (a la stackoverflow, github, Google Chrome etc.)

basically, the gospels of open source fsf just isn't compatible with reality.

when you are student, sure yeah open source, FREE software! best thigs are FREE! info wanna be FREE! when you move out of ya mom's basement, you find that urself can't be free, thus join apple google facebook scums, sip starbucks totting latest Applebooks, making tons of money by day, and by night in joy writing open source being morality god, pushing those real open source living poor sobs to nil.

unicode pistol as Apple water gun 8754
Unicode U+1F52B: PISTOL rendered by Apple as water gun

Apple renders Unicode pistol 🔫 as water gun. That's like, the word FUCK were once ban'd in English dictionary 1990s by prudes.

euphemism + censorship don't change what people want to do, long term. In fact, has reverse effect. Can't fix prob by patching skin.

emoji, arose from Japan around 2005, an evolution of asian smiley (^_^) on cell phone. Used mostly by young girls (i think).

In USA, emoji got tied to racism feminism genderism stuff. Skin colors, genderless bride, heelless high heels… no peace.

a glimpse of the craze of unicode emoji 17393-wg2-emoji-feedback.pdf