Periodic Dosage 2016-08

[I'm still here: back online after a year without the internet By Paul Miller. At , accessed on 2016-09-13 ]

what happens if you stop using the internet for a year? short answer: you become more sloth like, that's all.

no more master of everything, must narrow it down to a pinpoint

busied in past couple days doing my sites, some 8 thousand pages, creating indexs, nav panels... haven't spent time on parser, golang, ocaml

as keen tech watcher, i think we need to keep interest to less and less things as tech progress

but in past years, i see myself unfocused. Too many things to read daily, that basically robbed my time on whatever main thing i want to do.

including things like thousands tech news, any linguistics/writing/literature articles, society/politics/future, psychology, philosophy, american sex war, et al …

as tech explodes, AI and stuff, i think we need to focus and narrow down our interest, DILIGENTLY.

in 18th century, you can still be a man who is a master of sciences, or even everything.

science and tech grew exponentially. Today, you must focus on one very narrow field. It's almost like, outside of that, you are an absolute idiot.

Human Animals and Their Songs. From which, the guts are deciphered. Subscribe @

why do i kept using the phrase “Human Animal” instead of “human being”? because, when you use raw language, not cultured or euphemism, truth comes out and grabs you.

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human animals move about, eg to different states, country. One primary reason is job. it's, like, birds migrating. it's where food is at.