Periodic Dosage Archive 2009-11

More info added to: Problems of Emacs's Manual. (computing)

Lyrics appreciation: 在水一方, sung by 邓丽君 (Teresa Deng).

Microsoft IntelliType Hacks (computing, keyboard macros)

444 李敖有话说:台湾语早晚被淘汰 A.

perm url, with lots more vids and my commentaries, see: 李敖有话说; Li Ao Lectures (blog)

On Windows Vista, when you copy Mac files on a local network to your local disk, and if the Mac folder name ends in a space, then Windows will complain that it cannot locate the folder. See also: Perl Scripts For Mac/Windows File Moving.

rsync's support for unicode is pissing me off. At least the version of rync i'm using on cygwin for transferring files between Windows and Mac. For detail, see: Mac and Windows File Conversion.

Gaming news. “News” in the sense of my own discovery. Quake Live, Combat Arms, Eve online.

Quake Live is based on Quake III Arena. Quake 3 was released in 1999, which i played a demo. Quake Live just brings it into the web browser, and free. When you play, you'll see what 3D gaming tech is like in 1999.

I remember, back in 1999, it is a great fantastic 3D graphics advancement, with lots brouhaha. Playing now, the graphics feels so extremely lousy.

Crooked House, a model in Second Life of science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein's concept.

For more info, see Xah Second Life Blog.

Some update on Problems of Microsoft IntelliType. (software; keyboad macro)

Intro To Firearms From Second Life Military. commercial “When I Grow Up”.

Humor video: Humor: Video Commercials.

Updated What is Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Projective Geometry, Linear Algebra.