Periodic Dosage Archive 2008-09

Suggestions on Emacs's Scratch Buffer (computing; emacs)

When doing google blog search thru my name (google blog search Xah Lee), 8 out of 10 results are spam blogs. This has been going on for the past 2 years.

Wikipedia: Spam blog. Quote:

Splogs have become a major problem on free blog hosts such as Google's Blogger service. By one estimate, about one in five blogs are spam blogs.[1]

[1] = “One in Five Blogs Is Spam” (2005-12-21) By Brian Morrissey. Adweek. source

See also: Tech Geekers versus Spammers.

Sergey Brin Talk on China, Wikipedia, Search Engines, … 📺 📺

Major update. Added some 30 more screenshots, and re-organized the site. Second Life Screenshot Gallery.



See also: Scientology and Falun Gong.

Updated: Tech Warfare Guide in Second Life. (virtual reality, gaming)

GRE Words. (english vocabulary)

Smog. Didn't realize how serious it is.