Folk Art of Red White Blue

By Xah Lee. Date:
woman dressed in a flag dress flag art
Flag dress photo or painting. from the web. 2004-07. source unknown. Right: a drawing from website, 2004-09. Author unknown.
flag art
A erotic drawing of a girl wearing stars'n'stripes bikinis and a US flag cloak. Image from the erotic artist's website.
flag art
Comic style drawing of a crying naked blonde wrapped in US flag. The page dates this drawing as 2001-10-11, and has this description: «done as a tribute after the horrible tragedies in the US on 9/11/2001¶ my respect goes out to the victims and their families, the nypd and the nyfd¶ done with copic markers».
firefighter balloon art
Sausage shaped balloons professionally twisted to bear semblance of a US flag and a New York Fire Department firefighter. The firefighter is in a posture of wiping his tears with handkerchief. Here's another photo showing the firefighter's face. flag_n_fire_fighter_004.jpg.
US flag girl painting
Art by Giuseppe Teobaldelli. IL RESPONSO DELL'ARUSPICE (THE RESPONSE OF THE ARUSPICE), Oil on canvas, cm 100 x 70, Euro 1400.

flag dressflag swimsuit