Hard Rock Cafe USA

By Xah Lee. Date:

Hard Rock Cafe is a world-wide restaurant chain. It makes ornamental brooches commemorating different holidays and events of different localities. In particular, it makes one for USA birthday “4th of July”. (others including branch opening, Halloween, Valentine, X-mas…) The designs are colorful, often taking regional culture into account. For example, in Asian branches it'll feature Chinese Dragon or China girl. Often, the design features a lovely waitress clad in various attires. Guitar is also a common theme. There are a lot people collecting them.

hard rock cafe austin 4th flag brooch
Left: 2002 4th of July waitress, Austin. The pin is in the shape of a comely waitress, posed akimbo, with one hand high balancing a platter of sandwich and beverage. Her golden blonde tresses exuberant like Aphrodite, and her bare body wrapped in a US flag cape flamboyantly displayed. The bottom of the pin is the logo Hard Rock CAFE. Above right: 2000 4th of July, Shanghai. This one depicts a stereotypical-drawn China girl in Stars'n'Stripes mini-dress. Her long legs exposed, wearing a little black high-heels.

Left image is from http://members.aol.com/diggerdmma/. The right image is from http://www.hardrockcafepin.com/.

flag brooch flag brooch flag brooch flag brooch

From left to right: • 2000 4th of July Uncle Sam wants YOU with guitar, Phoenix. • 2000 4th of July Dragon, Taipei. • 2000 4th of July Teddy Bear, Tokyo. • 2000 4th of July, Kangaroo, Melbourne. (photos from http://www.hardrockcafepin.com/)

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