PeTA says: Eating Meat Can Cause Impotence

By Xah Lee. Date:
peta meat impotence billboard 38
PETA's “meat can cause impotence” billboard. American Billboard. Photo from internet, ~2002, photographer unknown.

It shows a woman clad in stars'n'stripes bikini, holding a string of sausages, with the big print “I THREW A PARTY BUT THE CATTLEMEN COULDN'T COME. EATING MEAT CAN CAUSE IMPOTENCE” and at the bottom “CALL MY HOTLINE AT 1-900-GET-ON-UP”, with the PeTA sect's logo.

This ad is targeted around the Bible Belt in USA. A number of cultural items can be inferred from it. The chick loving attitude, the flag-waving sentimentality, the fear of impotence, the meat-eating habit, and the IQ of these people.

The bleeding-heart PeTA sect has a press-release about the ad, 1999: [] (local archive: text, image )

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