Stars'n'Stripes Book Covers and Movie Posters

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movie JFK, DVD cover
DVD cover of the movie JFK, featuring stars'n'stripes silhouetted background. Photo taken in bookshop in Maryland, 2004-10. (JFK = John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 to 1963), president of USA (1961 to 1963). He was assassinated.)
Gods N Generals, DVD cover
DVD cover of the movie “Gods and Generals”, featuring a American Civil War period general's sword tied with the Union's US Calvary Guidon flag (unverified) and Confederate “Southern Cross” battle flag. Photo taken in bookshop in Maryland, 2004-10.

Gods and Generals is a novel (1988), adapted into a film (2003). Buy at amazon

Michell Nixon's album cover Born In The USA, album cover
Left: CD cover of a American singer Michell Nixon, 2003. Right: Album cover of Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. (1984)
Born On The 4th Of July
Born on the 4th of July , 1989. Buy at amazon Autobiography of Ron Kovic , a paralyzed Vietnam War veteran who became a anti-war activist.
a few good men 1992
A Few Good Men , 1992. Buy at amazon. A Few Good Men is a play by Aaron Sorkin, that is made into a film.
DVD cover of film Coming Home
Coming Home , 1978 Buy at amazon
Blue Crush movie Poster
Movie poster for Blue Crush (2002), featuring a girl in a bra with American imprint. Buy at amazon
Under Good book
Stars'n'Stripes book cover for “Under God”. Photo taken in a Adventist bookstore in Maryland, 2004-10. (Adventist = A member of any of several Christian denominations that believe Jesus's Second Coming and the end of the world are near. (AHD).)

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