Star-Spangled Porn Stars

Tiffany Mynx Taren Steele, Davia Ardell
Stills from porn movie “Cumback Pussy Sixxx”, directed by Tom Byron (b1961). There is the big star Tiffany Mynx (b1971). On the right, the patriotic blonde is Davia Ardell (b1975) , the brunette behind her is Taren Steele.
porn stars porn stars
This triumvirate from left to right are: Micki Lynn (b1973), Kaitlyn Ashley (b1971), and the bigshot Stephanie Swift (b1972) with the “Porn Star” t-shirt.
Tawny Roberts girl in flag bikini
Left: Big big blued-eyed with innocent gaping of the mouth. Who is this bimbo? She is Tawny Roberts (b1979), porn star. Another photo here: tawny_roberts.jpg Right: Who is this chick? (photo found online. Source unknown.)
rwb flag porn girl 26 rwb flag porn girl 25
Probably a porn model. (photo found online. Source unknown.)
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