Star Spangled Apple “Cube” computer

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In 2000, the ever fashionable Apple Computer Incorporated produced a computer called “Cube”, where it is a high-fashion statement computer encompassing modern-geometrical-art-form, where the whole computer is hosted in a transparent high-tech acrylic glass, seemingly suspended in air. Among its bleeding-edge techs is its fanlessness. That is, this machine does not hum. (the big grill at the top vents hot air.)

Apple's Cube computer
image source [ 2011-10-06]

Some Apple fan, William Rivas, a computer buff, in 2001-10 (after 9-11), took a step further and disassembled and reassembled it into a Stars'n'Stripes spangled Cube. (see note here: all_american_cube.txt. All American G4 Cube: Customized Cube w/Flag Design By William Rivas. At…)

Stars'n'Stripes customized computer Stars'n'Stripes customized computer Stars'n'Stripes customized computer

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