Patriotic Girls Next Door

By Xah Lee. Date:
Bikini Model Jassi
A girl in USA flag bikini. The tattoo on her tummy is the Chinese character 恋, meaning love, infatuation. Her metal neck collar and body language seems to tell us that she's a sexual masochist. A very sweet one. image source
us flag bikini lesbian jj9b
A girl with a star-spangled panties stripping another's off, both topless. Photo from usenet, ~1997. Presumably from
A woman at a beach with starry bikini bottom and striped tops, wearing a stars'n'stripes tophat (photo from the web, 2004).
flag bikini at beach
4th of July, 1995, North Avenue Beach, Chicago, USA. (photo courtesy of by Sid Colton.) Note the flag with the startburst is the banner of Arizona. I'm not sure why Arizona's banner is flying in Illinois. Perhaps there's a state-wide beach volley ball competition.

2004 05 03 200104 untitled5
A girl in flag bikini with the breast covers pushed aside and rubbing her titties. From the look of her beads necklace, it seems to be a Mardi Gras of New Orlean's carnal festival. [photo from the web, 2004-09, source unknown]
flag flipflops
US Flag flipflop. (image source accessed 2008-06-20 Used with permission)
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flag dressflag swimsuit