Maple Leaf Deference

By Xah Lee. Date:
girl canada flag top
Girl in scarf top
canada flag babe bikini
Babe in Canadian flag bikini. [from accessed 2008-06-20]
Canadian flag girl
A naked girl wrapped in Canadian flag. from accessed 2011-03-24
Canadian flag painted tits
Breasts painted with Canadian flag. (source unknown 2008-06)
stanburin stanfermeuse9 stanpettyharbour2 davidholyrood
Air Canada tail
Air Canada's tail. image source
Canadian maple leaf
«Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin (L) waves during Canada Day celebrations with Governor General Adrienne Clarkson on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, July 1, 2004. Thousands attended the ceremonies to mark the country's 137th birthday, just days after re-electing Martin as the country's leader in a general election. Photo by Jim Young.» Photo and text by Reuters.

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