Vexillology of babes in World Cup 2002, page 2

By Xah Lee. Date:
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mixed-blood, party all the time, incorregible Brazilians.

What would be a good caption for this photo? It looks like a pimping English with two carnal Brazilians.

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Mexico and her sombrero. Mexico is located near the equator. The girls in her country is literally hot. They wear this hat with wide brim to protect themselves from the sun. Note the Coat of Arms in the Mexico flag on the girl's badana. It features a cactus, another produce of Mexico. The turf of the Spanish Mexico once extends upwards to what today is USA's California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. They are lost to USA in 1848 due to Manifest Destiny.

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South Korean model Shin Min-a (born 1984) as Miss World Cup Korea 2002, wearing her flag as a sarong in Football World Cup 2002 Photo from, 2006-04, source unknown.

See also: Flag of South Korea, and Football World Cup 2002 naming controversy.

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