American Empire

  1. Cabinets and Classes: Harding, Obama, and Trump, which is more elitist?
  2. A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn
  3. Film “I Met the Walrus”, John Lennon, FBI
  4. Diplomacy vs Propaganda (John H Brown)
  5. Wikileak: US Diplomatic Cables Leak
  6. Crispin Sartwell Email on Government Power
  7. Nelson Mandela on USA
  8. Leaked Video: US Helicopter Killing Iraqi
  9. the Saving of Private Lynch
  10. What is Al Jazeera?
  11. Time Magazine covers, USA vs World
  12. Have You Heard of Congo War?
  13. Wikileaks, Bank of America, Anonymous, US Government, Espionage
  14. The Bimbo from Alaska: Sarah Palin
  15. Inside Jobs; Financial Crisis Documentary

  1. Noam Chomsky on Trump and Clinton
  2. Kellyanne Conway Fighting Lefty Journalists
  3. Alex Jones Conspiracy Scumbag
  4. Ben Affleck, the Proto Social Justice Warrior
  5. What's Neoconservative? Alt-Right? Alt-Left?
  6. United Express Flight 3411 Incident, Forced Passenger Removal