Xah Lee's Resume


Name: Xah Lee
Email: xahlee@gmail.com
Website: http://xahlee.info/
Location: Mountain View, CA, USA


Seeking full-stack web site development. Small team engineers environment.

Accomplishment highlights:


Company: xahlee.info

Date: 2005 to 2013

Job Title: Author and Webmaster

Creator, owner, webmaster, and author of website xahlee.info

Published Software and Sample Code
xah unicode search usage sample 2016-05
JavaScript: Interactive Unicode Search
Programing Language Tutorials
Math Reference
Accolades from Notable Mathematicians and Scientists

Company: Hoover Institution of Stanford University

Date: December 2005 to 2006

Job Title: Web Application Programer

credojumpstart.org; Hoover Institution of Stanford University

A website application is designed to teach college educators to adapt certain software for administration. (detail is NDA)

This is the largest web app project I have done as a single-person project. Tech used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript + CSS2, Linux, Apache. 90 PHP pages, 8311 lines of code, 10 database tables.

Websites Built (contract)


A small-scale e-store. The site features shopper login, credit card transaction, admin login, inventory.

This is a legacy project from a previous programer. The project had zero documentation. 3420 lines of Perl in just 2 files, and 60 ad-hoc XML template files, and uses plain CGI. It uses MySQL, and is hosted on Linux running Apache.


This is a very small-scale eBay-like auction site. There are a total of 35 files written in PHP and MySQL. Hosted on Linux running Apache.

Company: University of California, Irvine

Date: December 2005 to December 2007

Job Title: Consultant

Worked for Professor Richard Palais on the project 3D-XplorMath, supported by a grant from National Science Foundation.

Built a web site with Java applet that shows mathematical surfaces with interactive rotation. ( http://virtualmathmuseum.org/ ) This website has 580 HTML pages, with Java applets for interactive 3D rotation of 400 math surfaces and other visualizations. e.g.: Plane Curves, Space Curves, Conformal Maps, Fractals, Surfaces, Polyhedra, Ordinary Differential Equations.

Tech used: Mac OS X Server, Apache, Java, perl, LaTeX, PDF.

Company: National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan

Date: February 2003 to April 2003

Job Title: Lecturer

2003 NCTS-NSF Workshop on Differential Equations, Surface Theory, and Mathematical Visualization.

Invited by professor Richard Palais to teach a special 6-weeks course for graduate math students on Mathematica programing for visualization of surfaces.

Company: Tokyo Metropolitan University

Date: January 2003

Job Title: Seminar Speaker, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Invited as a workshop speaker for Geometry And Visualization, Tokyo Metropolitan University, hosted by professor Martin Guest of TMU.

Here, I discuss technology and tools for online math education on geometry.

Company: Netopia, Inc.

Date: July 1999 to October 2002

Job Title: Software Engineer

Programer of Netopia's enterprise eCommerce Server. Team of 5.

This is a typical enterprise level e-store system. Similar in scale and features to Yahoo's e-store. It runs on Solaris and HP-UX. Features includes i18n, credit card processing, customizable store appearance, web based inventory control, sales report and traffic report, discount or special pricing system, international tax and shipping charges calculation system, etc.

The technology used that I had a major part are: Apache/Stronghold webserver, Apache JServe (Tomcat precursor), an (in-house) application server (in Perl). The system also uses (in-house) Java Routing Servelets, and Oracle Database.

I was responsible for sys admin over in-house development machines (several Solaris and HP servers), managing CVS and code branch merging, and as a programer to critical parts of the system, including credit card processing back engine (with CyberCash, LinkPoint), online order interface and processor, integrating the 4 server components to communicate, decision on a new server engine (Resin, iPlanet), writing installers, writing diagnose software, and design and implement the upgrade driver system.

I was the primary person responsible for installing (or help clients or co-workers in staging department), to install, upgrade, or test, the complex server software. (except for the oracle database. That was handled by a dedicated database admin.)

Our customers include Verizon.com and several high-volume e-store hosting service providers. As an example of the system's scale, one client has 40 thousand stores, with Oracle data file over 4 tera bytes.

Company: Web Central, Inc

Date: December 1998 to July 1999

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

I am part of a startup team of 7. Our company is a job hub ( brainpower.com ), in competition to dice.com and monster.com.

We have 3 engineers, counting myself. Our engine includes web interface, resume database, jobs agents and seeker agents, mass mailing subscription system, and internal bug database.

Among other things, I wrote a bug database for internal use. The software is one single file in Perl, 4k lines. It uses MySQL for database and CGI.

Company: i-escrow, Inc.

Job Title: Programer

Maintenance engineer for a small online escrow start-up. Duties include re-coding legacies systems, traffic analysis, and reports generation. Technology used were: Linux, Apache, miniSQL, and Perl.

Company: John Houston

Date: February 1998 to March 1998

Job Title: Consultant

Consultant for a classified project. The task is to create a geometric 3D model in Mathematica. The client traveled from NY to have a interview and sign a non-disclosure contract. My client is extremely satisfied by my work.

Company: Conix, Inc.

Date: January 1998 to February 1998

Job Title: Quality Assurance Engineer

Beta testing for a dynamic 3D graphics visualization software product based on OpenGL for Mathematica. (The product has been bought out by Wolfram Research.)

Company: Network General Corp.

Date: January 1997 to April 1997

Job Title: Webmaster

At Network General, I was hired as a hourly based contractor to convert the company's network technology technical documents from proprietary formats to HTML for their intranet.

Company: Wolfram Research, Inc.

Date: June 1995 to December 1995

Job Title: Intern Programer

Research intern. My task was to create a series of education and research material on plane curves (geometry). The material includes curve's history, definition, properties, applications, with a potential as a commercial add-on product. A significant part is to write a series of Mathematica program that allow systematic generation of proper animations for visual “proof”.


Master level (10+ years): Mathematica, Perl, emacs lisp, HTML5, CSS3.

Expert level (5+ years): Unix sys admin (Solaris, Mac OS X), Python, PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQL, Second Life Linden Scripting Language.

Working knowledge. (2+ years of working experience): JavaScript, Java.

Read, write, and speak English and Chinese fluently.


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