Some Interesting Books

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Ok, below are a list of books. Some i haven't read yet. For a more focus review, please see Xah's Top Ten Book Recommendations and Top Ten Math Books

Science Encyclopedia Picture books

Underground, by David MacAulay. Buy at amazon If you have superman power and just dig a hole on the ground in a city, what would you find? Telephone cables, TV cables, electricity cables, sewage pipes, water pipes, gas pipes… How are all these layout and where?
[Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction by David MacAulay. Buy at amazon]

How Stuff Works!, by Marshal Brain. Buy at amazon

Coffee table books

• The World of M. C. Escher. Locher. Abradale, 1988. Better collections of Escher's art has been published since.

The illustrated encyclopedia of Orchids , by Alec Pridgeon. Buy at amazon One cannot believe, the degree of pornography in these exotic flowers.

Rainforests of the world , by Art Wolfe. Buy at amazon photos of exotic Birds, insects, plants, primates, other animals and tribes. Such an alien world to modern citizens.

Marine Life of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, by George, Phd Allen, Roger Steene (Photographer), Rudie Kuiter (Photographer), strickla, Gerald Allen. Buy at amazon

Brassey's Modern Fighters, by Mike Spick. Buy at amazon Well, war equipment is not something excites me, oh but such technology.


Calculus Made Easy, by Silvanus P. Thompson, Martin Gardner. Buy at amazon

Journey Through Genius, by William Dunham. Buy at amazon

Superb book. Dunham guides you through few of the puzzling discoveries of great theorems, in detail and lucidness you can understand.

History of Pi, by Petr Beckmann. Buy at amazon